Hull Music Club: three new online events coming up

Hull Chamber Music

Save the date! We are thrilled to announce three new online events coming up as part of our Hull Music Club. These events will be hosted by Virtual Concert Halls and will be streamed live from different parts of the world – we would love you to join us (further information and booking links will follow):

  • Thursday 11th March 2021, 7pm. Winds of Sound Espressivo Concert: A varied concert featuring young and talented woodwind players who participated in the Sound Espressivo Competition.
  • Wednesday 17th March, 6pm. By popular demand, we are pleased to announce another session of Musical Yoga with Suse, featuring the wonderful yoga instructor Susie Murray, accompanied by a light musical background (piano: Graziana Presicce). Stretch and unwind to the sound of Satie, Einaudi and more.  

Thursday 25th March 2021, 10am. A morning coffee concert performed by the Sound Espressivo Competition winner, pianist Chris Ka Long Au, in a piano solo programme – not to be missed!

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