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Individual Supporters' Scheme

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Gertrud (left) and Peter (right) socialise with members of the Chiaroscuro Quartet at the Meet the Artists event in October 2019. Photo: Mike Kirby

Our values for Hull Chamber Music are community, inclusivity, accessibility, and partnership, and we believe that our outstanding line-up reflects these core commitments. However, as a vibrant arts society, we also know that our supporters are the heart of this community. We wouldn’t be here without our wonderful supporters who contribute by attending our events, bringing their friends, donating time, money or expertise, spreading the word about us, and voting in our AGMs. Thank you!

We need an ensemble of support to help us achieve our vision of accessible, world-class music for all. Can you stand with us to achieve this?

Can you play a part in our supporters’ scheme?

The ensemble of support is as follows:

picture of a bass clef

Bass: non-financial contribution.

You are the ‘bass’ of our support community; the foundation on which we are built. Help us by volunteering your time, introducing us to a wider audience, sharing our work online and by word of mouth, or however else you can. HCM could not have got to where it is today without key pillars of the community acting as ambassadors for us.

Benefits: a say in the future of HCM including a vote in our AGMs, being an integral part of our support community, helping to bring outstanding chamber music to Hull.

picture of a tenor clef

Tenor: £30 per year

Benefits: as well as the above, your support will be acknowledged in our concert programmes and on our website, either with your name or as an anonymous donation, whichever you prefer.

picture of a tenor clef

Alto: £10 per month or £120 per year

Benefits: as well as the above, you will receive a complimentary programme at all Hull Chamber Music concerts, and you will be able to reserve seating in advance of the concerts, by indicating your seating preferences on your supporters’ form.

picture of a tenor clef

Treble: £20 per month or £240 per year

Benefits: as well as the above, you will be invited to at least one additional special event per year.

Can you stand with us as we all work together in perfect harmony to allow HCM to make music with and for the people of Hull? Please sign up today!
Download the form.

HCM in Harmony sign-up form (pdf)

Patrons and Friends 2018-19

We are grateful to the following people, and others who prefer to remain anonymous, for their generous donations to Hull Chamber Music, which help us maintain the high standard of our concerts.

Gold PatronsGill Barker
Dr S Boehmer-Christiansen
Nick Secker
Silver PatronsMA and JC Godfrey
Professor VR Sanders
Colin and Patsy Stoneman
FriendsRobert Dealey
Mr and Mrs A Ford
Shirley and John Littefair
Peter McClure
Derek Orton
Diana and Peter Pocock
Mr and Mrs B Sanderson
John Thackray
Irene and Gerry Wallace

Thanks also to our partners